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Making Economics Make Sense

 About the Economy

Byron Gangnes, PhD

University of Hawaii at Manoa 
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UHERO: Travelers flock to Japan on weak yen, while inflation climbs

Featured in UH News


May 22, 2024


With UHERO, I prepare forecasts and analysis for the US, global, and Hawaii economies, including impacts of federal and local policies, international linkages, and structural change.


I am an award-winning teacher, with an established reputation as an informed and dynamic speaker who presents economic concepts in a way that is very accessible to business and general audiences. 


I specialize in macroeconomics and the global economy, particularly the study of the US and its links to Asia, macroeconomic policies, global value chain production arrangements, demographic change, and patterns of international trade and finance.



I am UHERO Senior Research Fellow and Professor Emeritus of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I have published extensively on the U.S., Asian, and global economies, and I have more than thirty years of experience teaching and speaking to diverse audiences about the economic outlook and related issues. 

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